Bike Work

Whether you have decided that a century or a bike tour is your next goal, or want to optimize your potential for speed, intimidated by city riding ,or maybe you are bike curious, Stephanie Edman can help. Customizing a bicycle to your unique body and riding habits makes every ride easier and more fun for the novice or the expert.  Having eight years shop experience she can help take the mystery out of the buying your first bike or deciphering how much suspension you need for your trail riding.


  • Purchasing  Consultation – by appointment or over the phone, get help to spend your dollars wisely
  • Bicycle Fitting – Customize your current bike to your unique strengths, needs, and injuries.
  • Cleat Fitting – Using clipless pedals? Having knee pain?  Make sure your cleats are set up correctly to prevent injury and make the first time you clip in easier.
  • Custom Frame Design – Interested in a custom bike?  Make sure it is perfect for you by a sizecycle assessment before the builder designs your new frame.
  • Shop Education – Customized in store clinics and classes on bike sizing, fitting, sales techniques and marketing to women.
  • Outreach – Always trying to spread the good word about alternative transportation and cycling for fitness.