About Stephanie

Stephanie Edman has been a massage therapist for 8 years in the Portland area.  A graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts, she describes her massage style as active massage for active people.  Combining sports massage with deep tissue work she incorporates movement and stretching to realign and rejuvenate the body.

An avid cyclist and bike commuter for most of her life, Stephanie loves all things that pedal.  Picking up a bike shop job to go to massage school she fell in love with turning people on to the cycling lifestyle.   There were no women specific bikes on the market when she discovered road cycling but found that it didn’t have to be uncomfortable if a road bike was set up properly through a bike fitting.  Lucky to be at a shop with one of the leading bike fitters in the country she had a unique opportunity to use her knowledge of anatomy and study a biomechanical method of bike fit.   Keeping folks pain free and able to achieve their cycling goals is a very satisfying career.

You can spot Stephanie in the bike lanes of Portland when she’s not geeking out at Sweetpea fit and design studio or gently coaxing peoples bodies into massage bliss.  During the rainy season she spends most of her time cuddling with her cat Ophelia reading a book or fishing with her partner Brian.   There are a few weeks in the summer when you won’t find her anywhere as she likes to recharge by touring remote roads and finding really good trails to ride.